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One of the most challenging industries is the farming industry, with those working within it having to brave long hours in the elements with complete exposure to all mother earth throws their way.

We may not be able to change the icy-cold mornings and plummeting winter temperatures, but we can at least create clothing that makes those outdoor jobs just that little bit more comfortable. For the farming family, solo farmer, or farm employees, consider adding the following garments and accessories to your wardrobe.

Swanndri Bush Shirts

Hard-wearing clothing is imperative for farmers who work long hours in the great outdoors. Swanndri bush shirts well and truly meet the mark for a farmer’s everyday needs. Since their creation over a century ago, they have proved themselves as durable, warm, dry, and most importantly, tough to last the distance.

Swanndri bush shirts are manufactured with some of the finest New Zealand wools and are then treated to become water-repellent. Their durability in all weather conditions makes them a favourite in any farmer’s wardrobe.

Merino Wool Thermal Underwear & Leggings

Sometimes, it’s not just your outer layers that make all the difference to your comfort levels when working outdoors; it’s also your under layers. To remain toasty warm and comfortable, consider purchasing merino wool thermal underwear and merino leggings.

Merino is soft, breathable, and suitable for those with sensitive skin. Its natural temperature-regulating properties also make it ideal for summer and winter wear.

However, as the temperatures plummet and the days shorten, some farmers may decide to pop a pair of leggings on underneath their shorts or pants. Ultra-fine merino thermal leggings with a button fly can be a comfortable addition to any outfit.

Their soft 18-micron ultra-fine merino makes them suitable to wear against your skin, and they have natural odour resistance and breathability. Use them as a base layer and enjoy their flexibility for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Possum Merino Plain Beanie

It can be hard to concentrate and focus on the task at hand when your head is exposed to the elements. Wrap up warm with a possum merino plain beanie. They are popular for both men and women and offer excellent coverage of heads and ears.

It’s hard to deny the comfort that possum merino has to offer, as well. The super-soft merino paired with its odour resistance, insulation, breathability, and variety of style and colour options makes this beanie an outdoor enthusiast’s best friend.

Tasman Dual Layer Wool Jersey

Rather than spend your entire day feeling a chill on your back, remain warm and comfortable with a Tasman Dual Layer wool jersey. Available in the 36.6 range, this top-selling garment is getting ready to replace the dog as man’s best friend.

It has a gorgeously soft merino possum lining, a hard-wearing wool outer layer, and it’s designed to maintain your body temperature of 36.6°C – hence its name.

Farmers also love how windproof it is, its comfortable ribbed collar, and the two layers for warmth and insulation. Best of all, this jersey is durable. You’re bound to get years of use before needing to upgrade.

Extreme 36.6 Dual Layer Hoodie

Whether you’re out on the farm or venturing into town, don’t forget to put on your Extreme Dual Layer hoodie from 36.6. Like the wool jersey, it has two layers for warmth and insulation while also featuring both merino possum and New Zealand wool.

This hoody suits cold conditions and can effectively cut the wind while trapping your body heat. Both men and women are bound to love the many benefits of the natural materials, not to mention the long length, half-zip hood, and elasticated rib cuffs.

Possum Merino Polyprop Fingerless Gloves

One of the hardest parts of your body to warm up when you’re taking care of business outside is your hands. Retain much-needed warmth while still having full function of your hands with possum merino polyprop fingerless gloves.

They have been made with an innovative knitting system to allow for an inner and outer single layer. Insulating possum merino keeps your hands warm on the inside, while a robust polypropylene outer layer promotes durability.

These hard-wearing gloves are available in black and marl and black and charcoal and are ready to give you back the feeling in your hands on those frosty winter mornings.

Possum Merino Trekking Socks

Whether you’re riding a quad bike, walking through paddocks, or even standing around in the dairy shed, you want your feet to be toasty and warm. Possum merino trekking socks can undoubtedly help with that.

These thick, moisture-wicking socks with cushioned soles and insulation are designed for outdoor activities like farming, hiking, or just working outside. They feel soft against your skin and feature merino wool, possum fur, and fine elastic thread to keep them in place on your feet. Throw away your old, holey socks and discover what you’ve been missing all along.

Be Comfortable on the Farm – Rain or Shine

It’s true that mother nature can present some challenges, but it’s not all bad news. As soon as the temperatures plummet, consider purchasing natural, hard-wearing clothing and accessories designed with outdoor working in mind. A new wool or possum merino jersey, a pair of gloves, a beanie, and socks may make all the difference to your working day.