Ecowool’s range of Merino wool knitwear is made in New Zealand and is of the highest quality superfine merino. In our efforts to protect our beautiful country, all Ecowool’s knitwear, including our merino wool clothing is natural, renewable and sustainable.


Why is merino wool knitwear so beneficial for buyers?

Merino wool knitwear is warm, lightweight, stretchable, and breathable. Ecowool is also committed to ensuring a garment for every occasion – be it casual or formal.

What merino wool knitwear can you purchase from Ecowool?

We stock a wide range of options, such as jackets, jumpers, sweaters, wraps, ponchos, cardigans, pure merino knitwear, and merino thermals.

Is merino wool knitwear from Ecowool eco-friendly?

We are proud to say that our entire knitwear range is natural, renewable, and sustainable.

The luxury and versatility of Merino knitwear must not be underestimated; soft to touch and with draping properties, merino wool clothing has the benefit of offering cosy warmth while remaining lightweight, stretchable and breathable.

Our collection of merino wool men’s and women’s knitwear is as versatile as the wool itself, with a style to suit every occasion.