Premium Quality Real Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs are natural, luxurious additions to any home – however not all sheepskin rugs are crafted equally. As sheepskin specialists, we pride ourselves in offering the finest choices available. Quality is our byword, and our rug selection combines modern production standards with traditional workmanship.

Sheepskin Rugs New Zealand Ecowool
Sheepskin Rugs New Zealand Bowron
Sheepskin Rugs New Zealand Windward

Why Buy Sheepskin Rugs From Us?

Pure Quality

Using the finest sheepskins, and employing world-class environmentally conscious production techniques, ensures that all our rugs are superb quality, durable and nature-friendly.

Pure Experience

Our 30 years experience in selecting and selling the best of New Zealand’s sheepskin rugs, has enabled us to create thousands of happy, satisfied customers worldwide.

Pure Choice

We stock our own stunning Ecowool rugs, as well as the renowned Bowron and Windward brands. Ecowool rugs are creamy white, while Bowron and Windward rugs are a slightly whiter shade.