Naturally unique New Zealand possum merino

What makes possum fur so unique?

The secret of possum fur is in its distinctive structure. The hollow structure of possum fibre makes this high-performing fur very lightweight yet with remarkable insulation properties. This fur is different to wool and other natural fibres, making it function in ways no other material can. 

Possum fur is very fine, incredibly soft to the touch, and being a natural product absorbs moisture well, drawing it away from the body and towards the centre of the fibre. This means this fur can’t freeze and makes it extra warm to wear.

What makes merino wool so special?

Wool is naturally wrinkle-resistant in that it acts a bit like a spring, returning to its natural shape even when stretched by up to thirty percent. Not only is merino wool water resistant, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, flexible and durable, but the wool fibres rest against each other to form air pockets which become natural insulators.

What is possum merino and why does it make such fantastic garments?

Possum merino is a luxurious and distinctive New Zealand yarn made from blending two of nature’s finest fibres, hand selected possum fur and superfine, home-grown merino wool. With the unique hollow-fibre technology of possum fur and the naturally healthy, wrinkle-resistant characteristics of wool, each garment is guaranteed to offer excellent insulation while ensuring the garment is light, very soft, and hard-wearing. Possum and merino wears better than cashmere or mohair and has superior anti-piling properties.

What is it about New Zealand possum fur?

The possum fur used in New Zealand garments has reputable eco-credentials and is an environmentally ethical product for responsible buyers.

Originally introduced from overseas, possums in New Zealand eat 22,000 tonnes of our forests each year and kill and eat native bird eggs and fledglings. The commercial use of possum fur fibre is supported and encouraged by conservation groups and plays an important role in the protection of New Zealand’s native fauna, flora and wildlife, which means purchasing a locally made garment is a contribution to these environmental-sustainability efforts.

Why buy possum merino products from Ecowool?

The absolute quality of Ecowool’s 100% New Zealand-made possum merino products is reflected in the big percentage of customers who buy from them more than once. At Ecowool they fashion natural products using natural processes.

Ecowool stocks an extensive range of possum merino knitwear with possum jumpers, possum fur hats, beanies, possum merino socks and possum gloves and scarves, and are hands-on throughout the entire process through to the final shipment, with outstanding after-sales service.

Ecowool has a strong focus on reducing their carbon footprint and is proud of the part they play in helping to protect New Zealand’s bird and plant life for generations to come.