We stock an extensive selection of quality, stylish knitwear from the leading New Zealand brands. Combining merino wool, possum fur and silk, our natural fibre knitwear offers a superb combination of warmth, practicality and luxury. With the ability to take you through all four seasons, whether you choose to layer your look or opt for a single statement piece, our top of the range knitwear collection has something for everyone.

Why Buy Knitwear From Us?

Ultimate Indulgence

Merino wool has an unrivalled warmth to weight ratio: light with exceptional insulation. Blend with possum fur, and the result is softer, yet still wonderfully light. Mix in some Mulberry silk and the result is the ultimate indulgence.

Practical Beauty

These beautiful natural fibres are incredibly versatile, gently shifting with your movements to give outstanding comfort. Our top quality knits will regulate your temperature, repel moisture and bacteria, and breath with your body.

Perfect Travel Companion

Incredibly easy to care for, these high-quality garments will maintain their luxurious look for many years. Super comfortable, yet strong and resilient, our knitwear is ideal for the global traveler.