Knitwear Made from Merino Wool and Possum Fur – Made for Each Other

Blending merino and possum fur into knitwear is a relatively modern invention considering how long these fibres have been around for, but once we understand what makes a possum merino blend such a uniquely versatile natural fabric we can understand why it has become so popular with discerning buyers around the world.

Warmer together

There are few natural or man-made materials that offer as much warmth as merino wool and possum fur combined. Possum fur is 35% warmer than cashmere and 50% warmer than merino wool alone and this incredible warmth comes without having to give up the feeling of silky smoothness we have come to expect from knitwear made in NZ.

Merino wool and possum fur both have some unusual and distinctive characteristics when it comes to their heat signature. Possum fur, along with polar bear fur, will never freeze, and like wool is hollow so it traps heat. Combining merino wool and possum creates one of the best insulating, breathable materials available and even when wet, possum merino will keep you warm.

Stronger together

Merino wool and possum fibres are incredibly durable, their elasticity makes them resistant to breaking and pilling. This blended knitwear and clothing will last for years if cared for properly, keeping its natural look and feel long after other clothing has become worn and stretched out of shape.

New Zealand possum fur is particularly well known for having longer life than possum fibres found elsewhere, and both merino wool and possum fur does not shed so looks stylish year after year.

Lighter and softer together

Possum fur is recognised as one of the lightest natural fibres and combined with the feather-like softness of merino wool produces a fabric that is 14% lighter than wool alone.

Merino possum is naturally static-free and incredibly soft to the touch and does not itch or irritate even the most sensitive skin. This blend not only contains healthy lanolin’s that are known to be good for your skin but also works to remove moisture and release it into the air, making it a far healthier choice to wear than other natural or synthetic fabrics.

Better for the environment together

New Zealand wool growers and environmentalist have come together to find a clever solution to an enormous environmental challenge.

As an introduced species, possums have no natural predators in New Zealand, and they have grown in numbers to the millions, destroying 21, 000 tonnes of vegetation each night and eating eggs and chicks of endangered birds nearly to the point of extinction. Possums are an official pest in New Zealand and considered a serious threat to the country’s unique natural biodiversity, with possum fur often a by-product of the efforts to cull these animals.

By using this fur and blending it with merino wool, clothing manufacturers are making something special out of something that might otherwise harm New Zealand’s ecosystem.

There are two things abundant to New Zealand, merino sheep and possums, and it stands to reason that the country produces some of the finest quality men’s, women’s and children’s possum merino knitwear and clothing.

Easier to care for together

Merino possum clothing and knitwear is very low maintenance and unlike other fabrics requires very little washing. Because possum fur has antiseptic qualities and merino wool contains natural lanolin oils they can be worn longer without the need for cleaning. All these garments need is an occasional gentle warm wash and rinse with no scrubbing or rubbing.

Possum merino is also non-crease which makes them wonderful as travel garments, they can be folded and packed in bags and carry-ons and then put on without the need for ironing or airing out.