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Baby & Child

Natural materials are the ideal choice for making all sorts of products for the younger members of our world. Durable enough to last, yet safe and gentle enough to be kind to young skin.

Our range is perfect for finding special items for your own little ones, or for choosing gifts for family and friends.

Ecowool Natural Merino Wool Nursery & Bed
Ecowool Natural Merino Wool Baby Wear
Ecowool Natural Merino Wool Child Wear


What wool and sheepskin products do you have for my baby’s nursery and bed?

Ecowool stocks a stunning range of wool baby blankets and throws, sheepskin baby rugs – our biggest seller - and lambskin floor rugs, a merino snuggle wrap swaddle, sheepskin rugs for strollers, and Swanndri baby buggy blankets. All our premium quality items are made especially for infants and toddlers using the most advanced environmentally sensitive technology and are finished to perfection.

Why are sheepskin baby rugs our biggest seller?

Our naturally hypoallergenic and breathable sheepskin baby rugs are made with care in New Zealand from the finest quality pure lambskin to be soft and gentle on the skin. These nurturing and soothing rugs can absorb more than 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling cold and clammy, keeping your baby warm in winter and cool in summer. Our baby rugs also provide protection against mould, mildew, and bacteria. We offer free shipping on all our sheepskin rugs and our baby rugs are well priced which is reflected in how popular they are!

I am looking for a gift for my 4-year-old niece. What would you recommend?

You can’t go wrong with the possum merino striped zipped hoodie! Possum wool provides beautiful warmth without being heavy to wear, it is sumptuously soft and has natural elasticity so the hoodie will stretch with your niece while she is running, jumping and playing. It is made from durable hardwearing fibres so when she has grown out of it, she can pass it onto her little brother, sister or friend and it will still look like new. And there is free shipping!