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New Zealand is a beautiful country, not only for its landscapes and natural attractions but also for its variety of sustainable materials that can be turned into beautiful products. At the top of the list is wool.

Wool is a sustainable, renewable, and beautiful natural material that can be transformed into all manner of desirable products for use around the home. Whether you’re dedicated to buying NZ-made or NZ-designed, or you’re looking for natural products, add any of these below to your shopping list.

New Zealand-Made Throws

Throws are not only beautiful additions to your home as décor and for comfort, but they also make wonderful gifts for loved ones that last a lifetime.
A variety of different materials can make up some of the most high-quality New Zealand-made throws, such as mohair, wool, and possum merino blends. Mohair throws are available in some stunning colors and are both luxiously soft and lightweight. However, as light as they are, they retain heat well. As a result, they are a lovely addition to the sofa or across the end of your bed, once winter arrives.

If you prefer more neutral tones, possum merino throws and blankets could be more to your liking. The blend of merino and possum creates soft, warm, and lightweight throws available in muted hues. Alternatively, possum merino midweight blankets may pique your curiosity. These feature quality natural fibres in a timeless classic weave.

You also can’t look past comfortable classic wool throws. These desirable mid-weight blankets are available in beautiful colours and styles, like Ohope, Hahei, Piha, and Twill.

Sheepskin Rugs

Whether you’re looking for New Zealand-made homeware for yourself or as a gift, you can’t help but fall in love with sheepskin rugs. They visually soften a room, feel soft to walk and sit on, and have many different uses.

You can use them as décor on a chair, for softer playtime on the floor, or even for comfort in a stroller. A combination of traditional artistry, quality raw materials, and modern production standards mean that sheepskin rugs stand the test of time.

What’s more, they are easy to care for, generally all that is required is a quick vacuum and light brushing with a carding brush or similar and your rug can remain as luxurious and stylish as the day you bought it.

Sheepskin Cushions

It never feels like the most straightforward task to purchase cushions for your home. You want them to be stylish, but you also want them to be comfortable. It can sometimes seem like you never strike a balance between the two. You likely will with sheepskin cushions.

They look beautiful in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices, and the sheepskin can be dyed in neutral colour schemes to suit your home décor. Sheepskin cushions add softness and texture to any space while also providing comfort and warmth when you’re sitting on a sofa with them.

When purchased from high-quality suppliers, they are machine-washable and come with convenient cotton-zipped backing.

Tibetan Rugs

Anyone looking to make a visual statement in their home can do so with a Tibetan rug. These luxurious rugs with long, curly wool are silky and soft and pair beautifully with furniture. They also have a soft suede backing and are easy-care. Simply shake or gently vacuum, and they can look as good as new. These rugs are made in Tibet and finished in Asia.


We can become so used to purchasing synthetic bedding materials that we forget natural ones can provide so many more health and comfort benefits.

For example, wool under blankets regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. The naturally crimped fibres of the wool also form cushioning that can relieve pressure points and ease muscle aches and pains. You may even discover that under blankets suit those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

It might also be surprising to learn that medical rugs can bring much-needed relief to those who remain in bed for extended periods. They relieve bed sores and pressure points, provide cushioning, and are versatile for use in a car seat, armchair, or bed. These rugs also draw perspiration away from the skin while regulating your body temperature year-round.

Pet Products

Your furry friends are as deserving of NZ-made products with natural materials as you are. Wool pet beds are made with woven wool for easy washing and also feature a beautiful cashmere and wool backing.

With or without a wool pet bed, you can also invest in pet rugs. These rugs have the desirable springy cushioning fibres of wool while also offering body temperature regulation. They are machine washable, come with foam padding, and also have fabric backing.

Why Buy from New Zealand Suppliers?

New Zealand-made and New Zealand-designed products feature some of the highest quality raw materials that nature has to offer.

Wool sourced in New Zealand is grown in unpolluted alpine pastures with crisp mountain air and clear natural spring waters. This stunning natural and renewable material is then turned into the many desirable homeware products you see today.

When you purchase homewares in New Zealand, you’re buying with the knowledge that the wool has been grown in a healthy environment and lovingly turned into something that nurtures your health and wellbeing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.



Are wool throws suitable for individuals with sensitive skin?

Wool throws can be suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, as the naturally hypoallergenic properties of wool often make them less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions.

How do wool under blankets regulate body temperature throughout the year?

Wool under blankets regulate body temperature throughout the year by insulating heat during colder months and allowing breathability in warmer months, effectively providing warmth in winter and keeping individuals cool in summer.