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Most Kiwis in New Zealand know how wonderful our natural materials like merino wool are. We appreciate how warm they are to wear, how breathable the fibres are, and how gentle they are on sensitive skin.

However, we grow up with sheep on our doorstep, which gives us a unique understanding. NZ knitwear is also popular in the USA, with many Americans browsing NZ merino stores like Ecowool, looking for sustainable, warm, and comfortable clothing made right here in Aotearoa. Why is NZ knitwear so popular in the USA? You can find out the answer below.

Suitable For a Wide Range of Climates

While New Zealand has its fair share of cold temperatures, they generally don’t compare to many states in the USA, such as North Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Washington, where the temperatures can plummet to below freezing.

In these areas, layering with high-quality natural materials like merino can be one of the most effective ways to remain warm and comfortable. Many people also see the value in a combination of fibres, such as merino and merino possumsilk, which provides outstanding insulation for these harsh winter temperatures.

Layering is generally the best form of defence against the harsh winter and autumn weather. They might wear a merino thermal base layer that allows moisture to evaporate freely, followed by a second layer of merino wool or merino possumsilk to trap air close to the body and keep it warm. In more extreme weather, a third insulating layer maybe required, followed by a waterproof outer layer, this generally provides enough warmth and comfort during the coldest months of the year.

Ideal Garments for Adventures

Alongside being suitable for everyday life, NZ knitwear also proves practical for trips into national and state parks, of which there is an abundance. Adventurers have plenty of standout options to choose from, such as thermal underwear, gloves, socks, hats, and clothing for layering, most of which contain superior natural materials like merino and possum merino.

Layering such garments is a must in these challenging outdoor environments. It’s incredibly important to choose garments that are breathable, soft against the skin, are a snug fit but with loads of stretch for ease of movement.  When you first set off on a hike, you can be wrapped up nice and warm. As your body warms up naturally, you can remove a layer and store it in your backpack until you begin to cool down once more.


More and more people are starting to understand the concept of cost per wear, which involves dividing the cost of a garment by the number of times you wear it. The more high-quality the materials, the more wears you generally get out of it, and the more affordable it is.

Rather than purchasing low-cost, low-quality garments, Americans are opting for clothing that will last the distance. Our range of beautiful natural materials is becoming more of a preferred choice.

However, it also doesn’t hurt that it can be cost-effective for Americans to purchase clothing in New Zealand due to the exchange rate. The USD to NZD rate generally hovers between $1.30 to $1.50, which means they may spend less than they anticipated.

What’s more, leading NZ knitwear stockists like Ecowool offer free shipping, further adding to the cost-effectiveness of shopping for knitwear in New Zealand.

Suitable For the Whole Family

It’s never easy finding clothing that everyone in the family can wear, from infants right through to senior citizens.

Many older adults or people with arthritis or circulation problems experience a wide range of benefits with merino possum silk combinations. Babies, children, and adults can also find a variety of garments and accessories that suit their comfort expectations, size, and style requirements.

Natural Odour-Resistant Properties

Wool’s moisture management properties mean that odour is not an issue, even during intense activities. Merino wool has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties while also not requiring washing as frequently as other fibres.

Range of Natural Benefits – Merino

Many Americans are purchasing NZ-made knitwear for the same reasons we are – a wide range of natural benefits. Merino wool is breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and suitable for sensitive skin while also helping you maintain your body heat.


America, like many countries, is trying to reduce how much waste they produce. Synthetic materials can take hundreds of years to break down, whereas natural materials like merino wool can take only a matter of months.

Rather than throwing merino garments into landfills, they can put them in their compost heaps and let them break down naturally. This also allows nutrients to be returned to the soil in the process.

Purchase NZ-Made Knitwear in the USA

Your location doesn’t have to be a barrier to purchasing quality garments with natural materials. NZ-made knitwear with merino and possum merino can be bought from NZ-owned and operated businesses such as Ecowooland sent directly to the United States, often with free shipping.

Everyone deserves to own quality clothing that makes them feel warm, dry, and comfortable year-round, so purchase yours today.

Why is NZ knitwear cost-effective for Americans to purchase?

Merino wool is biodegradable, which means it can break down naturally in the environment, reducing waste and pollution and making it a sustainable option for knitwear. When disposed of properly, it can decompose in soil in less than a year, releasing nutrients back into the earth.

What are the benefits of using merino wool in knitwear?

The benefits of using merino wool in knitwear include natural odour-resistant properties, a range of natural benefits such as breathability, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying, as well as being suitable for sensitive skin and helping to maintain body heat.