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We’re a nation of pet lovers, which means most of us will stop at nothing to make sure our furry friends are happy, warm, and loved. While we can do this by making sure the fire’s roaring and the treat jar is filled to the brim, we can also go one step further by ensuring their beds are as comfortable as possible.

Before you resort to letting them sneak under your own blankets for a snuggle at night, ponder whether sheepskin rugs might be the ideal option for your pampered pooch. You can learn why they’re a firm favourite with pet owners and their beloved four-legged friends below.

Relieve Aches and Pains

Just as we experience aches, pains, and arthritic conditions as we age, so do our dogs. While we might reach for pain killers to alleviate discomfort, we can also do quite a lot for our faithful companions to improve their comfort levels the natural way.

Sheepskin rugs and sheepskin pet pads have beautifully soft and luxurious fibres, which can be a recipe for success when you want to ensure they have as much cushioning as possible. Sheepskin rugs can also provide even weight support, which means less pressure on their joints and muscles.

As they dose off to sleep, warm and comfortable on a sheepskin rug, their better quality sleep may soothe their pain receptors.

Sheepskin Rug Options for your Pet

The pet care market is worth over $200 billion, and most of us love nothing more than to spoil our dogs and cats with new toys and treats regularly. Although, you don’t necessarily have to contribute to the pet care market when you’re searching for comfortable pet bedding.

Sure, you can purchase pet rugs and sheepskin pet pads, but a standard sheepskin rug you’d have in your home for function and aesthetics can also become a dedicated pet bed.

Insulating Properties

Warmth and comfort go hand in hand, which is why the insulating properties of whichever bedding you buy your dog can be so important. Sheepskin rugs tick all the right boxes. They are warm in winter, temperature-regulating in summer, and have incredible natural properties that you just don’t see in synthetic bedding materials.

Each wool fibre contains protein molecules known as keratin, and these trap moisture, air, and chemicals. The tiny air pockets also create a brilliant thermal barrier against outdoor temperatures. As a result, sheepskin rugs are suitable for use on your floor, in a basket, and even in kennels.

Suitable for Home and Travel

If you’re an avid traveller who loves getting out in nature in your house on wheels, you may have noticed how time-intensive it can be to ensure your dog has everything they need for comfort on the journey.

When they’re not busy sniffing their new surroundings to their heart’s content, they need to have a ‘base’ for sleep, and creating that ‘base’ can be challenging if you only have a large, cumbersome bed for them at home.

Sheepskin rugs are not only suitable for bedding at home, but they can be a lightweight, cushioned, and compact form of bedding when you’re on the road.

Ideal for Cats and Dogs

Our canine companions love natural sheepskin rugs, but what about cats? This versatile bedding option is perfect for them, too. Cats are the most popular pet in 91 countries, and many of these cat owners are on the hunt for comfortable cat beds for their feline friends. Fortunately, sheepskin rugs are suitable for the floor, crates, cages, couches, and more, which means they are bound to suit whatever sleeping area you have set up for your cat.

Odour-Suppressant Properties

Not every dog enjoys bath time, and you might be dreading having your home covered in suds and water while you coax them into the bathroom with treats.

You’ll be pleased to know that even if your furry friend misses bath time, you’ll likely not notice an extreme odour when their bedding consists of natural sheepskin. Odour molecules can be absorbed into the wool’s fibre, trapping them in place.

Easy to Clean

It’s hard to believe that something as complex as a sheepskin rug could be easy to clean, but it’s the truth. You can spot clean, handwash, and machine wash many different sheepskin rugs with a few simple changes to your standard cleaning processes.

Simply use a wool wash product, clean with cold or lukewarm water, brush with a carding brush while damp, and dry on the line or flat. You might also see the value in using a professional dry cleaning service.

Purchase a Sheepskin Rug for Dogs Today

It’s hard not to be won over by the beauty, convenience, and practicality of sheepskin rugs for your home, so it’s only natural that you should want the same for your pets. When the time comes to upgrade your pet’s bedding to something more worthy of them, consider a sheepskin rug without delay.


Why are sheepskin rugs a good option for dog bedding?

Sheepskin rugs are a good option for dog bedding because they provide cushioning for joints, insulate against the cold, and are odour-suppressant.

What is the best way to clean a sheepskin rug for pet bedding?

The best way to clean a sheepskin rug used as pet bedding is to spot clean, handwash or machine wash with a wool wash product, brush while damp, and dry on the line or flat.