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Sheepskin ugg boots, slippers, booties and ankle boots – our love affair with sheepskin footwear shows no signs of abating. What is it about them that we love so much? Let’s discuss…

In fashion

Has there ever been a time when sheepskin ugg boots were out of fashion? It seems not. Sheepskin boots recently appeared in Vogue magazine, on the Paris catwalks and the feet of celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum. American actress Anna Faris (of Lost in Translation) was seen wearing a pair of sheepskin boots as she officiated at a wedding.

Ugg boots were recently worn on the catwalk of Y/Project at Paris fashion week, with men wearing thigh-high sheepskin lined boots. The boots were also seen on Sacai in grey and camel with a flash of red lining.

Of course, we all know that whatever appears on the catwalks and in fashion magazines will feed into our lives a good few months later. So, it’s time to get ahead of the game by dusting off your ugg boots or buying a new pair.


If you’ve ever slipped your feet into a pair of plush sheepskin slippers, you’ll understand how comfortable footwear can be. So comfortable, that the feeling is akin to walking in butter or being enveloped in a cloud. Unlike synthetic materials, sheepskin has a natural, breathable property that means it can warm your feet, but it doesn’t cause them to perspire. The lack of dampness or moisture also means that odours are absorbed.

Great for kids

In a rush in the mornings? Late for a play date? Sometimes you need to get going and tying up laces takes time. Fortunately, putting on a pair of sheepskin boots is quick and easy, making them the perfect footwear to keep by the door for days when you are running late. As they’re light, they’re also ideal for packing away in overnight bags, day packs and throwing into the back of the car for a backup pair of shoes.


Of course, with ugg style boots comes a rich history. Californian and Australian surfers were the first to wear the boots, choosing to slip them on after they came out of the sea. Not only were they easy to put on their feet (bearing in mind that they were carrying a board) but they instantly warmed up their Ocean-cold feet. Then, in the early Nineties, the boots went from beachside to celebrityville, where the Paparazzi snapped celebrities wearing them at summer music festivals, in and out of the gym, for first-class flights and, more practically, walking their dogs.


The fact that sheepskin is a natural material also has appeal. Sheepskin is a powerful insulator that warms but also draws away heat, making them an ideal choice even when the weather is hot. Because of sheepskin’s antibacterial qualities, boots and slippers keep feet feeling healthy and fresh.

As sheepskin is such a good moisture absorber, slippers and boots can absorb up to a third of their weight in moisture and still retain their shape without feeling damp.


Although sheepskin is soft and has elastic properties, it is also extremely durable. Such is the longevity of the boots they can last for years, even decades, depending on the conditions that they are put through. The better the quality, the longer they will last. Ecowool’s range of natural sheepskin boots and slippers for women, men and kids come with a ‘peace of mind’ warranty and an authenticity card verifying their quality and credentials.

To keep your boots looking as good as new, keep them out of direct sunlight and use a damp cloth with wool shampoo to clean up any marks or stains. We do not recommend putting sheepskin in the washing machine and avoid dry cleaning.

There’s so much to love about sheepskin – it’s no wonder our love affair continues.

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