Naturally soft Windward sheepskin rugs are crafted from superior quality New Zealand and Australian lambskins, less than one in ten sheepskins processed are considered good enough to carry the Windward Gold Star label.


Do Windward sheepskin rugs come in various sizes?

Yes, we stock three different Windward rug sizes, including single, double, and quarto.

How do you care for a Windward sheepskin rug?

Caring for a Windward sheepskin rug is simple. You can shake them to remove debris or vacuum with a standard nozzle. Spot cleaning, handwashing, and machine washing are also straightforward. All Windward sheepskin rugs come with care instructions for convenience.

Are Windward sheepskin rugs eco-friendly?

Windward sheepskin rugs use environmentally-friendly chemicals and advanced eco-tanning technology for consumer peace of mind.

Windward treated its first sheepskin over 50 years ago, and since then the company has consistently improved the production process to create the magnificent rugs you see today. Carefully tanned using only organic products, these rugs are a great value-for-money option.

We have a Windward rug for every floor type and space, with sizes ranging from single rugs, to quad rugs, to the gorgeous eight-piece sheepskin rug. All our rugs are very easy to care for, feel wonderfully soft to walk on, and look fabulous with both modern or classic furnishings.