New Zealand has one of the world’s most challenging outdoor environments. From rugged mountain terrain and chilly polar winds to searing sunshine.

Since the times of the early settlers, there has been a need to develop clothing to overcome these climatic extremes. We offer the best from New Zealand’s outdoor clothing suppliers – if they perform here they’ll do the job anywhere in the world.


What makes New Zealand wool suitable for outdoor wear?

New Zealand wool is one of the most effective natural forms of all-weather protection and can regulate body temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture away from the body. Wool also has a high UV resistance and is flame retardant. And all our wool products have been tried and tested in every condition you can think of – by the farmer, the hunter, in the shearing shed, the fisherman, and on building sites.

How will my dual layer hoodie keep me warm in cold weather?

These fantastic New Zealand-made hoodies do not absorb rain easily and are extremely durable with a two-layer system designed for extra warmth. The lining layer is 65% merino, 25% possum and 10% nylon, and the outer layer is 100% wool. These hoodies have a longer length for better body coverage and are made from odour resistant fibres so need less washing.

How should I wash my possum merino gloves?

Keep in mind wool does not require washing as much as other fabrics. If necessary, wash and rinse your gloves gently in cool water before carefully squeezing or rolling them in a towel to absorb excess water. Dry your gloves flat in the shade.