New Zealand has one of the world’s most challenging outdoor environments. From rugged mountain terrain and chilly polar winds to searing sunshine, passing unfiltered through the clear unpolluted air.

Since the times of the early settlers, there has been a need to develop clothing to overcome these climatic extremes. We offer the best from New Zealand’s outdoor clothing suppliers – if they perform here they’ll do the job anywhere in the world.

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Why Buy Outdoor Clothing From Us?

Practical Comfort

As well as being hardy, our range of outdoor clothing is also designed with comfort in mind. Suitable for all-day wear and maximum performance, you’ll stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Practical Style

It is possible to have performance clothing designed to do a job that also looks stylish. Let’s be honest, whatever we’re doing, we feel better about it if we look good too.

Practical Quality

All our outdoor clothing is made of natural materials sourced in New Zealand. It’s not the cheapest but we think it’s the best. Reliable and long lasting, these garments will become your best friends.