‘Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.’
Oscar de la Renta

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Looking for stylish ways to wear your knitwear? Let Ecowool share their styling secrets on how to wear ponchos, wraps and cardigans.

Knitwear Cardigan

Who doesn’t love a knitwear cardigan? They offer the warmth of a jumper yet can be whipped on or off with ease. While wearing a cardigan is nothing out of the ordinary, there are ways to style yours so that it looks unique and creates impact.

One style tip that we find shows off our knitwear cardigan styles to the maximum is to wear them draped over the shoulders. So, instead of putting your arms through the cardigan leave them free in a cape style. This styling looks particularly elegant over a sleek dress or fitted top. It lends itself to dashing from the car into a restaurant or party, eluding to your fashion-sense and playfulness. our Possum Merino Wrap Jacket looks eye-catching, styled in this manner.

Knitwear poncho and wrap

Our knitwear poncho designs are always popular, so much so that we continue to develop our lines, incorporating button trim and fur to the latest designs. Ponchos look effortlessly stylish when worn over jeans, pants or with a skirt and dress. While our Possum Merino Button Trim knitwear poncho is versatile and lends itself to throwing on at the last minute, try styling yours with tight-legged jeans and boots.

Ponchos are a fantastic accessory when it comes to evening wear. They exude elegance as well as practicality as they can be shrug-off the moment that you are inside. Accessorise yours with a long necklace, bangles or a brooch worn on the outside of the poncho to add extra detailing.

Likewise, wraps are a fantastic way of quickly stealing some sophisticated warmth. Wear our Pebble Wrap with skinny jeans or this season’s leather pants. Wraps also look great when worn with matching or contrasting hats and gloves.

Knitwear jumpers and sweaters

While most people tend to team jumpers and sweaters with pants, nothing is stopping you from being a style-setter and pairing yours with something more delicate, such as a silk skirt.

The catwalk for A/W 2019 saw designers pair chunky knits with whisper-thin tulle and silks. Doing so opens a whole new spectrum of clothes combinations. Our Possum Silk Two-Tone Trim Jumper will work well against a pencil or fitting long skirt.

Otherwise, if you’re wearing a plain, crew-neck sweater consider what you are wearing underneath. You can add interest to your sweater by exposing shirt or blouse collars and cuffs, by adding a neckerchief or tying a belt up high around the waist.

Knitwear accessories

Of course, we all know that accessories can make or break an outfit. That’s where our designs can lift your everyday wear into something extraordinary. Take our Possum Merino Glovelet. This hand and arm warmer can add ‘edge’ to an outfit. So, instead, of wearing them under your coat or on top of your sweater, why not try wearing them with a singlet or over the top of a shirt?

Leg warmers were big news back in the 1980s. However, they’re now back which is excellent news for styling up skinny-fitting jeans, leggings or jeggings. Legwarmers work well when seen peeking over the top of boots (and are a fantastic way to keep warm).

Finally, never underestimate the potential of a scarf. Yes, it has its practical uses but it is also a great way to accessorise your coat. When it’s not too chilly you can wear a scarf over the top of your sweater or shirt. Merino Possum Dot Inlay Scarf looks beautiful draped around the neck and teamed with a tight-fitting top.

There is also a multitude of ways to style a scarf to keep it in place. For example, one end can lay over your shoulder, or you might like to add a brooch to the middle to hold it together.