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Christmas time can be stressful when you have to plan meals, accommodate guests, and organise holidays away from home. But it can be even more so when you’re not sure what to buy for those special people in your life.

Natural, high-quality, New Zealand-made gifts could be the answer you’ve been searching for to put smiles on the faces of family and friends. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve included some of the most popular New Zealand gift options in 2021 below.

Blankets and Throws

Buying for someone who seemingly has everything they need can be challenging, but blankets and throws ensure it’s not impossible. They are a suitable gift for young and old, and you can purchase them in a wide variety of materials, styles, and sizes to suit your recipients.

For example, a Hahei wool throw with beautiful NZ lambswool is something you can throw over your shoulders on a chilly evening or keep at the bach for spare bedding. It’s made in New Zealand and is available in a gorgeous Dragonfly colour to suit the preferences of a wide range of people.

Alternatively, you may know someone who would simply adore a possum merino throw that looks just as good draped over a chair as it does around your shoulders for warmth. Such a throw is not only a suitable Christmas gift, but a present for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary.

In general, blankets and throws featuring natural materials like wool, possum merino, mohair, and alpaca are versatile for beds, sofas, and armchairs and are adored for their durability, versatility, and warmth.

Natural Baby and Childwear

Many of us are well aware of the importance of sustainability, which means we’re steering away from plastic toys and single-use products as gifts. However, with so many bright and colourful toys available for children, it can seem like you have limited other options.

However, there are plenty of natural baby and child products that parents will adore for their tots. Blankets, rugs, swaddles, cot blankets, booties, gowns, and buggy liners can all be gratefully accepted presents.

Natural products from reputable suppliers can be long-lasting for multiple children, and they’re also soft and sensitive for babies and children. You’re also bound to love the various price points to suit all budgets.


Everyone deserves to have a pair of comfortable, high-quality slippers that are gentle on skin and comfortable to wear. Why not be the person who makes that a reality? Sheepskin slippers, also known as shearling slippers or sheepskin boots, are the ideal gift for young and old.

They feature the finest natural sheepskins, are available in various styles to suit the preferences of friends and family, and feature robust materials to last the difference. The recipients are also bound to like how breathable they are at any time of the year, regardless of the weather.

Possum Merino Accessories

You may know that you want to purchase beautiful possum merino garments for your loved ones, but you may not know their sizes. In that case, you can’t go wrong with possum merino accessories, instead.

Beanies, scarves, wraps, gloves, hats, mittens, and more, can all be suitable gifts for family and friends across Aotearoa and further afield. Possum merino is known for its warmth, comfort, breathability, and suitability for sensitive skin, which means any possum merino gift is bound to be well-received.

Vehicle Accessories

Without knowing sizing or style preferences, you can still purchase gifts for loved ones that feature natural materials like wool.

For example, the automotive enthusiasts in your family can feel warm and comfortable as they drive with wool car seat covers, while cyclists can have an extra layer of padding with a wool bike seat cover. Both options are warm in winter and cool in summer, which makes them suitable for year-round use.

Pet Accessories

Many people consider their pets part of the family, which is why it makes complete sense to give them something to open on Christmas day.

Pet rugs and dog coats can suit small, large, young, and old dogs. Pet rugs, in particular, are a favourite with pet parents due to how comfortable they are. They boast springy cushioning fibres, foam padding, and full air circulation for temperature regulation. If your pet could talk, they would certainly be thanking you for such a gift.

Don’t Leave Christmas Shopping Until the Last Minute

Spend the last few days in the lead up to Christmas enjoying a much-needed rest, rather than being stressed about last-minute shopping. Purchase high-quality gifts for your loved ones online, and you can be ready for festivities in a matter of days.


What are possum merino accessories, and why are they a good gift option?

Possum merino accessories are garments such as beanies, scarves, wraps, gloves, hats, and mittens made from a blend of possum fur and merino wool, known for their warmth, comfort, breathability, and suitability for sensitive skin, making them an excellent gift option.

Why are sheepskin slippers considered an excellent gift for Christmas?

Sheepskin slippers are considered a great gift for Christmas because they offer comfort, high-quality materials, and breathability, making them suitable for all seasons and appealing to both young and old.