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100% pure sheepskin is regarded by many as one of Mother Nature’s cleverest ideas. There are few other natural or man-made fibres quite like it, whether you are wearing it, sitting or lying on it, or watching your baby play on it, sheepskin has some truly remarkable properties.

Nature’s body armour

Don’t be fooled by sheepskin’s light, fluffy look and feel, gram for gram it is stronger than steel. Wool is the only unprocessed fibre than can be bent over twenty thousand times and keep its shape without breaking or ripping, making it unmatched in terms of resilience.

Besides being no also-ran in the strength department, sheepskin is wind-proof, static-free and very resistant to pilling and wrinkles.

Warm, dry, healthy and safe

One of the most incredible things about sheepskin is the ability to naturally retain heat, even when wet. Wool fibres can absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture without your skin feeling damp, great for wet weather or for those who are confined to chairs or beds for long periods of time. Air can flow freely between your skin and the fibres, making it a far healthier material than most other products. And because wool is hypoallergenic with a high lanolin content it acts as a natural moisturiser, making it kind to your skin and ideal for babies and children.

Sheepskin is also flame retardant and one of the safest materials to have around, only burning when it reaches six hundred degrees Celsius.

Sheepskin also has a number of other sought-after properties that make is so popular:

  • It holds its natural oils even after it has been removed from the sheep, making it resistant to dirt.
  • It is naturally odour-resistant.
  • It has excellent acoustic properties
  • It can help filter air inside your home
  • It absorbs UV rays and is very easy to care for with minimal cleaning needed.

Sheepskin is very versatile

Besides the more common uses for sheepskin like rugs, clothing and footwear, it also inspires a wealth of creativity and craftsmanship and can be used to make:

  • Padding on the hard plastic of crutches, wheelchairs, foot braces and more.
  • Jewellery and other ornamental pieces.
  • Aids in sensory development of children with sensory disabilities through tactile contact.
  • A 100% natural and healthy stuffing for cushions and the like.
  • Insulation for rooms in houses and buildings.

Natural, sustainable, environmentally-friendly

Concerned about the environment? Sheepskin is a renewable resource and is completely biodegradable. So not only does it look and feel fantastic, it is an eco-smart product that has been used for centuries to heat, shelter, soothe, heal, protect and cover countless numbers of people.

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