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Whether you purchased a sheepskin rug for yourself or received one as a gift, you will find they’re among the most versatile home additions and can suit any number of lifestyles and functions.

If you’ve just added one to your own home, here are a few interesting ways you can put it to good use.

Style and Comfort for Furniture

You might already have beautiful furniture, but could it be missing something? A sheepskin rug instantly adds a touch of luxurious texture, subtle colour, and style. These natural additions can greatly improve the comfort levels of your furniture.

Style in Your Home

Sheepskin rugs not only look beautiful and feel soft to walk on but can enhance your home décor by visually ‘softening’ a space, and are a great choice for wooden or tiled floor areas. They’re super easy to care for and come in a large range of sizes, shapes, and colours, to allow for styling in different ways throughout your home.

Cushioning in the Car

When you set off on your next adventure to the family bach, a favourite beach, or an untouched paradise, don’t forget to bring your sheepskin rug along for the ride. Sheepskin rugs can provide cushioning on those long drives while easing pressure points simultaneously.

You can use a standard sheepskin rug for this purpose or even purchase car seat covers. Either option can ensure your comfort for any short or long journey.

Travel Comfort

Traveling around the country in a caravan, motorhome, or van is many people’s favourite pastime. However, comfort is often key, and sheepskin rugs can be the answer for cushioning, floor covering, and even your pets’ comfort in new surroundings. Best of all, they take up very little room and can be transferred from vans or motorhomes to traditional homes with ease.

Use It As a Pet Bed

Our pets definitely deserve to be just as comfortable as us, so you might consider using your recently-acquired sheepskin rug for their pet bed. Your cat, dog, or other furry friend, will love how cushioning they are. Sheepskin can even help regulate their body temperature, plus they’re incredibly hard-wearing. You can use either a standard sheepskin rug or a dedicated sheepskin pet pad.

Enhance a Nursery

Nurseries should be soft spaces for the youngest members of our families, and what better addition for softness than a sheepskin rug? They’re gentle on skin and provide cushioning comfort during playtime for babies and toddlers.

Once your baby moves from the nursery into their own bedroom, the rug can go with them. No matter which part of the home you put one in, it can’t help but fit right in.

Underlay for a Bed

Getting a peaceful night’s rest can seem entirely unachievable for many people, but adding a sheepskin underlay or medical-grade rug can help a lot! Often the elderly or those with reduced mobility may spend long periods of time in bed, so having the wonderful cushioning that sheepskin provides can greatly help relieve bed sores and pressure points.

Photography Prop

What parent doesn’t want a professional photo of their newborn baby for them to cherish forever? Whether you’re taking photos yourself or enlisting the services of professionals, you may soon see the value in sheepskin rugs for this task.

Sheepskin has a natural soothing effect, is gentle on your baby’s skin, and will add a softness to the photos. Once you’ve finished using them as photo props, they can take pride of place in your nursery.

Put Your Sheepskin Rug to Good Use Today

With so many sheepskin rug options and so many different ways to use them, you’ll feel like you’re missing out if you don’t have one! There’s no better time than now to explore Ecowool’s wide range and see which rug captures your attention.


Can sheepskin rugs be used as an underlay for beds?

Yes, sheepskin rugs can be used as an underlay for beds to provide cushioning, relieve pressure points, and help prevent bed sores.

In what ways can sheepskin rugs add style to your home?

Sheepskin rugs can add style to your home by providing luxurious texture, subtle colours, and visually ‘softening’ spaces, making them a great choice for wooden or tiled floors, and they come in various sizes, shapes, and colours for versatile styling options throughout your home.