Kiwis probably don’t realise how fortunate we are to be surrounded by one of the most cherished natural products in the world today, premium quality, 100% pure, soft and durable wool. Our sheep farmers produce some of the most beautiful sheepskins and woollen products available, appreciated by millions of people in every country around the globe.

Throughout history sheepskin and wool has been used for clothing and bedding, and although a great deal has changed in the world around us over time, the unique properties that make sheepskin so highly sought- after are still the same.

Here are three reasons why wool and sheepskin will never go out of fashion.


Sheepskin is naturally hypo-allergenic, and common allergens do not lodge in the wool fibres, meaning wearing any type of woollen product is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Man-made fibres are manufactures using toxin and chemicals, whereas wool products are 100% natural.

And using sheepskin or wool as a floor covering, besides being warm in winter and cool for bare feet in summer, means lowering the allergen levels in your home and improving the air quality for you and your family, especially for those who suffer from allergies.


Wool has a rather unique quality in that it can help regulate a body’s temperature. Too cold? Air is trapped in the pockets between the wool fibres, creating an insulation effect. Want to cool down? Wool quickly absorbs moisture such as perspiration, giving off heat, and helping to lower your body’s temperature.


Let’s face it, wool products look and feel fantastic. From scarves to jerseys to floor coverings, sheepskin and wool has a timeless elegance and beauty. Whether you are wearing wool to keep warm for practical purposes or have a sheepskin rug as a centrepiece for your home, there is just something about wool that makes it much-loved around the world.

Representing all that is excellent about New Zealand, sheepskin wool is durable, environmentally friendly and made from a renewable resource, making it an eco-smart choice. The team at Ecowool has a superb range of wool and sheepskin products available with free international shipping, contact one of their customer service specialists if you would like more information about any of their 100% natural products.