Bring some nature into your home. Natural materials and fabrics not only look great, they’re a healthy choice and are environmentally friendly too.

Our range of soft luxurious throws, stylish furnishings and accessories, and comfortable bedding can grace any home and are made only from natural and renewal materials.

Natural Merino Wool Bedding Ecowool
Natural Merino Wool Furnishings Ecowool

Why Buy Bedding & Furnishings From Us?

Naturally Stylish

Natural fabrics in the home add a quality and style that synthetic materials just can’t match. From silky-soft wool and cotton to lavish mohair and possum fur.

Naturally Healthy

Make your home environment a healthier place by surrounding yourself with natural fabrics and materials. Be kind to yourself.

Naturally Friendly

All our furnishings and bedding are made from renewable natural materials, so by choosing them you’ll be keeping the planet happy as well as yourself.