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It doesn’t matter whether you’re about to welcome your first baby into the world, or your third, fourth, or fifth; you only want what’s best for them. So, perhaps it’s of no surprise that natural products rank at the top of the list.

Something as simple as a sheepskin baby rug can have some surprising benefits and conveniences of which you may not have been aware. Even where you buy them can make a difference.

Sheepskin baby rugs from Ecowool, for example, are made in New Zealand and come with an eco certificate. This certificate highlights the environmental, ethical, and safety credentials of the rug. But that’s not all you get to look forward to. Read on to learn more about the benefits associated with using a sheepskin baby rug.

It’s a Natural Form of Cushioning

Every parent wants to make sure their baby is as comfortable as possible, and a sheepskin baby rug can undoubtedly help with that. Sheepskin has a naturally cushioned surface, which is both soothing and plush.

Each wool strand or fibre has three-dimensional spiral crimping, which offers the illusion of springiness. The natural cushiness is not something you can typically achieve with synthetic fibres.

They Are Versatile

Before the birth of a baby, parents are busy preparing the nursery to ensure the baby has somewhere comfortable to relax. But how are you supposed to achieve this level of comfort when you’re out and about? The beauty of a sheepskin baby rug is that it’s versatile to take anywhere.

You can pop it in the baby’s buggy for walks around the block, or on flooring for tummy time. The plush wool fibres and cushioning make the rug suitable for all manner of situations.

Sheepskin Regulates the Body Temperature

Keeping baby warm, dry, and comfortable is of the utmost importance. And, you guessed it, sheepskin baby rugs can help with this too. Natural sheepskin regulates your body temperature with its hollow wool fibres. These fibres are also breathable and absorbent to ensure your baby is as comfortable and dry as possible.

Sheepskin Promotes Skin Health

As if being warm, dry, comfortable, and cushioned wasn’t enough reason to buy sheepskin products. Further adding to the appeal is the knowledge that sheepskin promotes skin health.

Sheep’s wool contains lanolin, which has waterproofing properties to allow sheep to shed water from their coat. While it’s undeniably helpful for the sheep, it also has some great benefits for our skin.

Sheepskin Baby Rugs are Easy-Care

Parent life can be hard work, and it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. The last thing you want is a baby product that’s hard work. Fortunately, sheepskin baby rugs are easy-care.

When you buy them from top-quality suppliers like Ecowool, you even get the added benefit of them being machine-washable. Simply follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions or wash on a gentle wool cycle.

Rug care can also be made easier with a carding brush and delicate wash products. This combination allows you to spot clean, hand wash, and machine wash your rug with ease.

They Deter Dirt and Bacteria

A baby’s immune system will not mature until it is at least three months old. That means any baby product you introduce it your child should be one that resists bacteria, dirt, and harmful allergens.

Sheepskin baby rugs tick that box. They are naturally resistant to bacteria and dirt, not to mention dust mites, bed bugs, and mould growth.

The natural wicking properties of the wool even prevent the ideal conditions for bacteria to grow and thrive. The combination of these features makes sheepskin rugs the perfect addition to your home.

They Are Eco-Friendly

Environmentally-friendliness is becoming more and more important in everything we buy, which is how sheepskin rugs can have so much value. Genuine sheepskin is 100 percent biodegradable but also has far more durability than many synthetic materials.

Even the process for creating a quality sheepskin rug is more environmentally-friendly than its synthetic counterparts. A synthetic sheepskin, which is petroleum-based, can require three times as much energy to produce than a genuine version.

With the right care of your sheepskin baby rug going forward, it can not only cater to your baby’s comfort but that of future children, too.

Great Gift for You or Loved Ones

It’s hard to believe that so many benefits are packed into one natural product, but that’s the reality of a sheepskin rug from a high-quality supplier. Whether you’re expecting a new baby or someone you know is, why not invest in a new sheepskin rug? It’s genuinely the gift that keeps on giving.


How does sheepskin regulate body temperature for babies?

Sheepskin’s hollow wool fibres help regulate body temperature by being breathable, absorbent, and providing warmth, ensuring the baby’s comfort and dryness.

Are sheepskin baby rugs easy to care for?

Yes, sheepskin baby rugs, especially from quality suppliers like Ecowool, are easy to care for. They are machine-washable and can be maintained with carding brushes and delicate wash products.