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Most people reach for their merino garments in winter when the temperatures start to plummet. After all, they’re versatile, breathable, ideal for layering when out in the wilderness, and are even suitable for newborns.

While there are undoubtedly many reasons why merino is an ideal winter layer, it may also be a worthwhile one in summer on those cooler days and evenings. If you’re getting ready to restock your closet for summer, merino may be worth adding to your cart for the following reasons.

It Can Keep You Cool

If sheep can learn to keep cool during the summer while wearing wool, then it stands to reason that their wool can keep you cool, as well. Merino wool garments can regulate your temperature and draw sweat away from your skin.

What’s more, it has the unique ability to evaporate moisture, which releases heat and cools the air between your skin and the fabric.

It’s Odour-Resistant

With rising temperatures during the summer months, it’s not uncommon for people to be on the lookout for clothing that doesn’t maximise the presence of body odour as much as others. The odour resistance and breathability of merino mean that garments featuring merino wool tick that box.

Merino wool can absorb twice as much water vapour as cotton and 30 times more than polyester. By doing so, it can prevent the buildup of unpleasant smells resulting from sweat and bacteria.

Some studies have also shown that merino wool socks were a preference in trials due to their lack of odour after wearing and washing, especially compared to synthetic socks.

Good For Your Skin

Most people know that sunscreen is vital in the fight against the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, merino is bolstering its efforts.

Have you ever seen a sunburnt sheep? Wool is a natural UV barrier, which means it may be able to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. Most merino wool products provide a UV protection factor (UPF) rating of upwards of 20. However, most average between 20 and 50, depending on any additional treatments. Even completely untreated wool is able to absorb radiation.

Merino wool is also non-allergenic, which means that if you have sensitive skin or suffer from skin conditions like eczema, it may be able to alleviate some of the symptoms. Studies strengthen this claim.

In dermatological trials, adult and infant eczema sufferers wearing 17.5-micron or less superfine merino wool garments next to their skin experienced significantly fewer symptoms. The study described the merino as being able to function as a second skin for people “whose ‘first’ skin is too dry”.

Dries Fast

The fine fibres of pure merino knitwear dry quickly in the shade on a warm summer’s day. Even though you don’t need to wash merino nearly as often as synthetic clothing, you’ll be pleased to know that when you do, it won’t be long until you’re able to wear it once more.

Even the washing process of merino is fast and easy. Most are machine-washable on a gentle wash. Any garments that do require handwashing with wool detergent can still be put through the washing machine on a gentle spin cycle.

Fortunately, when you purchase any merino wool garments online, you typically receive washing instructions to keep them in excellent condition.

Doesn’t Wrinkle

Summer is the time of year when people look forward to a break away from work to enjoy the sunshine. While many garments become wrinkled when stored in suitcases and bags, merino clothing is often less likely to. Fine ribbed merino, in particular, does not wrinkle, nor does it take up a lot of space in your bag.

Comfortable to Wear

During summer, many materials feel uncomfortable against your skin. Merino is not only stronger than cotton but also much softer. When you purchase from the pure merino range, you also benefit from soft, naturally stretchy fibres that allow for easy movement while retaining their shape. There’s also no need to worry about prickling and itching.

Plenty of Options

On those beautiful summer evenings and cool summer days, you’ll be amazed at how many merino garments will suit the weather conditions beautifully. There is something for everyone, including men, women, children, babies, and even pets.

Crewnecks, underwear, jackets, shawls, cardigans, and more, can all take pride of place in your closet. While you may have only previously reached for merino during winter, it can actually be something you wear year-round – inside and outside.

Ready to Wear Merino Garments in Summer?

Many people experience the benefits that merino offers in winter, such as breathability, odour resistance, and comfort. However, why should you only experience those benefits from your clothing in winter?

With the changing of seasons and year-round, merino offers unparalleled convenience and comfort. Whether you need a light layer on a summer evening or something to warm you before the sun comes up in earnest, you will likely find a merino garment to suit those very occasions.



Can Merino keep you cool during hot summer days?

Yes, Merino can keep you cool during hot summer days as it has the unique ability to regulate body temperature and draw sweat away from your skin, allowing for evaporation and cooling.

How do I care for my Merino clothing?

To care for your Merino clothing, you can typically machine-wash them on a gentle cycle or handwash with wool detergent and dry them in the shade on warm summer days, as they dry quickly. Follow the washing instructions provided when purchasing to keep them in excellent condition.