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New Zealand has around 27 million sheep responsible for producing some of the finest wool for garments, footwear, outdoorwear, and more. However, taking national and international markets by storm are the ever-popular sheepskin and lambskin rugs.

These versatile products are one of New Zealand’s finest treasures, but are you aware of all of their uses? Read on to find out some of the most popular ways to use sheepskin rugs. You’ll be purchasing one for yourself in no time.

To Soften Uncomfortable Chairs

It’s all well and good to have stylish chairs in your home, but what if they aren’t comfortable? Fortunately, there’s a way to achieve both style and comfort by using sheepskin rugs.

Office workers familiar with the aches and pains of sitting on a computer chair for extended periods may see the value in sheepskin for plushness and comfort. While most computer chairs come with an hour rating for comfort, having a sheepskin rug on top can be an ideal solution for backaches and general discomfort.

For those less mobile or elderly, sheepskin products are proving popular here, too. Not only do they keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but they relieve pressure points. You can even purchase dedicated wheelchair seat pads, covers, and medical rugs.

Use them on wooden benches, farm-style chairs, and those traditionally uncomfortable outdoor seating sets. The sky’s the limit for how much comfort this natural product can provide.

As a Home Rug

While tiles and wood flooring are easy-care for the busy household, they don’t evoke a sense of warmth. So, that’s where sheepskin rugs come in. They have the unique ability of not only being able to soften hard flooring but add warmth.

Large sheepskin rugs in bedrooms and living spaces can even prove useful as a place for children to sit and play. What’s more, they suit commercial settings. Nothing looks more inviting than a beautiful rug in a hotel foyer, bar, or guest room.

To Soften a Room

A contemporary colour palette is desirable for many homes, but it can sometimes lack warmth. What your colour palette fails to achieve, your choice of décor can more than make up for.

Sheepskin and lambskin rugs add texture and warmth to liven up a space – including bathrooms. You can also purchase white, black, and brown rugs to coordinate with any other décor beautifully.

For a Baby’s Nursery

Whether you’re looking for something soft and natural for tummy time, or you’ve got an active tot, a sheepskin rug can be the answer. Soft underfoot and warming to any space, they are a worthwhile addition to a bedroom or nursery.

As a Throw on a Bed

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, safe place, and haven. So, it makes sense to decorate it as such. The Tibetan sheepskin rug, for example, can be a beautiful addition to a bed.

If you don’t want a throw on your bed, then a large or double rug can enhance any bedroom’s appeal, instead. Set it on the floor next to the bed and experience the plushness of natural sheepskin when you rise in the morning.

As a Pet Bed

Why should the human members of your family have all the comfort? A sheepskin rug can be an ideal addition to any dog or cat’s bed. They add much-needed cushioning, warmth in winter, and coolness in summer. They are also easy-care and gentle on your pet’s skin. Is there anything that sheep’s wool can’t do?

For Baby Photography

Any newborn photographer will know just how hard it is to come up with prop ideas. Not only do you want to take that winning shot, but you also want to keep the baby warm and comfortable at the same time. Sheepskin rugs can assist with both.

This multi-use product can provide cushioning, support, and comfort for any baby as doting parents look on. The result of which is a photo of a content baby you can look back on and smile at in the years to come.

For Travels

Whether you’re in the car, biking, or walking with a stroller, you might be surprised how useful sheepskin can be for these very situations. Sheepskin car seat covers are not only comfortable, but make use of the wool’s natural properties, such as insulation, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic.

Sheepskin bike seat covers, on the other hand, allow air to circulate while also cushioning the rider. If you’re pushing a tot in a stroller, they can benefit from soft wool fibres, cushioning, moisture absorption, and protection against bacteria thanks to the sanitisation process.


If you thought sheepskin and lambskin rugs were only useful as a floor covering, then you’ll probably be quite surprised to learn that’s not their limit. From the comfort factor for young children to their appeal for warming a room, there’s plenty this natural product is capable of achieving. Why not check out the full range yourself and see what they can help you achieve?


What are some practical benefits of using sheepskin car seat covers?

Sheepskin car seat covers offer comfort and utilises the natural properties of sheep’s wool, such as insulation, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic qualities. They are also far more durable and easily maintained when compared to synthetic car seats.

How are sheepskin rugs beneficial for a baby’s nursery?

Sheepskin rugs benefit a baby’s nursery by providing a soft and warming surface suitable for tummy time activities and creating a cosy environment for the baby.