Ecowool sheepskin rugs are environmentally-friendly and made exclusively from New Zealand sheepskins. They’re manufactured 100% in New Zealand, so we can assure every stage of their supply and production, and unlike some inferior sheepskins they’re not tanned using harsh chemicals like arsenic and formaldehyde.


What do I do if I spill something on my Ecowool sheepskin rug?

For smaller soiled areas, moisten a soft cloth with lukewarm water and clean the area using gentle circular motions, making sure not to rub. If you need to use a cleaning agent, use a mild wool wash. Then remove any excess moisture with a cloth and once dry gently brush with a Carding brush.

What makes Ecowool sheepskin rugs suitable for babies and toddlers?

Sheepskin wool has been used for generations to calm, soothe, and gently cushion babies and toddlers. It is naturally hypoallergenic and thermoregulating, keeping baby warm in winter and cool in summer. Sheepskin rugs can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling cold or clammy, creating a natural dry zone around baby, and providing protection against mildew, mould, and bacteria

How will I keep my sheepskin rug clean that will be in my high traffic living room?

Sheepskin is incredibly easy to care for as it has an inherent natural ability to repel dirt and liquid. A regular vacuum using the standard nozzle or shaking the rug is generally all that is required to keep your sheepskin rug clean. Using a Carding brush will also help keep your rug clean and in its original fluffy condition.

All Ecowool branded sheepskin rugs come with their own Eco-Certificate, confirming their ethical, safety and environmental credentials.

Ecowool sheepskin rugs are super-soft, natural and warm creamy white, also available in a range of great colours.

Long lasting and a pleasure to own, they’re our best-sellers year after year.