Sheepskin Rugs

At ecowool we are passionate about sheepskins. Our rugs are pure sheepskin and we guarantee that they're of the finest quality.

We are specialists, and have been selling the best of  New Zealand sheepskin and woollen products for over 20 years. In that time we have served thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world.

We like to give our customers a choice, so we stock ecowool sheepskin rugs, plus Bowron and Windward rugs. Ecowool sheepskin rugs are super soft, natural and warm creamy white - and are available in a range of other great colours. They are environmentally friendly and we can assure every stage of their supply and tanning process. Bowron and Windward sheepkin rugs, both world renowned quality brands, are produced using similarly exacting methods and are a slightly whiter shade of fleece.

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Ecowool Sheepskin Rugs
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Bowron Sheepskin Rugs
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