Windward Sheepskin Double Rugs
Windward Sheepskin Double Rugs Double Sheepskin Rug From Windward windward-rugs-double-size

Windward Rugs – Double

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Product Description

The Double is a popular  size due to its versatility. Perfect next to the bed or in a large bathroom on tiled or wooden floors.  Ideal to add luxuriously soft comfort to a bench seat or sofa.

  • Colour:  Ivory Only
  • Easy to care for, soft to walk on
  • Add texture, warmth and style to your room
  • As this is a natural product, dimensions are approximate and should be regarded as a minimum.
  • Made with New Zealand or Australian Sheepskin

Windward Rugs

Windward Premium Grade rugs are made from quality New Zealand and Australian lambskins – less than one in 10 skins processed is considered good enough to wear the Windward brand name.

Windward processed its first skin over 50 years ago. Since then, the company has constantly improved the processes used to convert one of nature’s most versatile resources into a range of diverse and original lambskin creations, and now uses totally organic molecules to tan its products.

Each skin is processed through multiple stages before it is finally ready for sale. The result is a supple, full leather backing and a soft wool which is extremely stable to temperature and light.

Windward sheepskin rugs are slightly whiter than the creamy-white toned Ecowool rugs and are a great value for money option.

Sheepskin Care and Storage

Sheepskin is incredibly easy to care for, it has an inherent natural ability to repel dirt and liquid.

A regular vacuum using the standard nozzle (only) or shaking the rug is generally all that is required to keep your sheepskin clean.

Your product may have been tightly packaged for shipping and so the wool may appear flattened. Wool fibers are very resilient and will bounce back to their original soft, fluffy appearance with a vigorous shake. Lay the skin flat and any fold marks will disappear naturally after a few days.

In the event further cleaning is required then please follow these specific guidelines

Spot Cleaning

– For small soiled areas, moisten a soft cloth with luke warm water
– Clean affected area using gentle circular motions, DO NOT rub
– If cleaning agent required, use mild wool detergent, non alkaline, enzyme and bleach free e.g. Ecostore Wool Wash
– Remove excess moisture with dry cloth
– Allow to dry and gently brush with Carding brush

Baby Cocoon Care:      Shake or regular vacuum will keep baby’s cocoon clean.  Any small spills can be easily spot cleaned,  if further washing required we recommend Dryclean only.

Hand Wash

– Complete immersion into cold or lukewarm water ( max 38c/100F) DO NOT use hot
– Use a small amount of mild wool detergent, non alkaline, enzyme and bleach free
– Rinse thoroughly in cold or lukewarm water.
– Hand squeeze or gently spin by machine to remove excess water
– Follow Drying instructions.

Machine Wash

– Machine wash on gentle cycle in lukewarm water (up to 38C/100F) DO NOT use hot
– If you are unsure of the temperature of your washing machine, then only use cold water.
– Use a small amount of a mild wool detergent, non alkaline, enzyme and bleach free
– DO NOT use fabric softener.
– Hand squeeze or gently spin by machine to remove excess water.
– Follow Drying instructions.


NOTE : Excessive heat will cause hardening of leather and can cause product shrinkage.

– Products should be line or flat dried only.
– Dry away from direct sunlight and direct heat such as heaters, radiators or fires.
– DO NOT tumble dry
– DO NOT iron
– Product should be pulled back into original size and shape while damp prior to drying
– Brush gently with Carding brush while damp and again once completely dry, to encourage original fluffy appearance.
– Due to a special tanning process, Medical Rugs, Baby Rugs and Stroller Fleece can be tumble dried -use cool or warm setting only. (*Do not tumble dry Baby Cocoon)


– Products can be drycleaned using a professional drycleaning service.
– We recommend that coloured sheepskin products and Car Seat covers are Drycleaned only.


If you wish to store your sheepskin, place in a cool, airy place away from direct sunlight. We do not recommend storing in plastic bags for an extended period of time as the fibres will not breathe and condensation may occur in warm conditions.

Whilst we endeavor to provide helpful information, washing and drying of sheepskin products is done at your risk and we cannot be held responsible for unforeseen damage that may occur.

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  1. Jeanette

    Jeanette (verified owner)

    I have received my shipment. I am in love with my rugs.
    Ever so soft and warm!
    Thank you ever so much! I will be ordering more soon!
    Jeanette – Canada

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  2. Mompfti

    Mompfti (verified owner)

    I am currently living in New Zealanad and thought it would be a nice idea to send my parents two Windward double sheepskin rugs to Europe for Christmas. The customer service was very good straight away from the beginning. Very friendly and helpful. Just a couple of days after I ordered the rugs they arrived in Germany even if it was Christmas time. Customs had a quick look at it and finally they arrived well before Christmas.
    They were wrapped in nice gift wrap. Included was a hand written card with the words I put down for the card. They even drew my little <3 hearts. =o) soo cute
    It was made with lots of love and I was really really happy with the service and the product!
    My parents love their new sheep rugs and are happy at how good they are processed!

    Thanks a lot Ecowool Team.
    Happy new year 2013

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