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Possum Merino Unisex Plain Gloves

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Product Description

You will love how incredibly soft and warm these gloves are! The high possum content keeps your hands super insulated against the cold.  Possum merino is also ideal for anyone who suffers from poor circulation or arthritis. We all like to stay warm when the weather is chilly, so they make a great gift for friends and loved ones.


  • Unisex Gloves
  • An exceptional blend that out performs other natural fibres for warmth
  • *For an extra layer of coziness, team your gloves with a unisex plain Scarf or Beanie.(links below)
  • Softness, highest quality, longwearing
  • 40% Possum Fur,  53% Merino Wool, 7% Silk
  • Made in New Zealand

About Possum Merino

Possum Merino is a unique New Zealand yarn made from blending natures finest, Possum fur and Merino lamb’s wool.

Possum fibre has a hollow core that traps air and thus gives excellent insulation with an extremely high warmth to weight ratio. When blended with fine Merino, it creates a luxuriously soft, lightweight garment with low pilling properties and superior fibre strength. Research has shown it to be 55% warmer than Merino alone and 35% warmer than cashmere.

Ecowool Care about the Environment

The use of Possum fibre in New Zealand benefits our environment by contributing to the effort to protect our native forest and birds.

The brushtail Possum was introduced to New Zealand in 1837, it is a natural predator and an ecological threat. Each night possums eat over 21,000 tons of native vegetation. In addition to this they compete for food with native birds, also eating the birds eggs, chicks and insects. The commercial use of possum fur fibre is encouraged by conservation groups and plays an important role in the protection of New Zealand’s native fuana, flora and wildlife.

Your purchase not only means that you have acquired a unique garment that will give you years of pleasure, but also that you have contributed to the preservation of New Zealand’s natural habitats, an environmentally sound choice.

Caring for your Knitwear

Possum Merino knitwear is very easy care. It is naturally odour resistant so requires less washing, which is kinder on you, and the environment.

When washing is required, please refer to your garment care label for specific washing instructions.

Gentle hand wash in cool water using a small amount of mild wool detergent.

  • Do not use bleach or spot cleaning products
  • Rinse well in cool water – hot water will cause shrinkage
  • We recommend using the same water temperature for both washing and rinsing your garment
  • Gently squeeze and/or roll garment in a towel to absorb excess water
  • Dry flat in shade
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron on wool setting
  • Drycleanable

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