organic merino body suit for baby
organic merino body suit for baby organic merino baby bodysuit north sea stripe - Ecowool

Organic Merino Baby Bodysuit

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Product Description

The Organic Merino bodysuit is an essential base layer to keep babies and toddlers snug and warm.  With the easily accessible domes this soft bodysuit will not ride up and expose little tummies or backs. All colours are natural so there are no chemicals next to delicate skin.


  • Fit is large, so if baby is below average size consider a size down
  • Oeko-tex approved domes for easy nappy changing
  • Cuffs can fold down to mittens for extra warmth or to prevent scratching
  • Natural merino – no irritation or chemicals next to delicate skin
  • 100% organic New Zealand superfine merino
  • Made in New Zealand


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This range of superfine merino babywear is sourced from certified organic New Zealand farms where the merino sheep roam free.

– Once a year, they have their heavy fleeces shorn
– And every year, they grow it back again – luckily for all of us.
– Organically certified and treated with kindness (no mulesing!)
– Harvested sustainably, chemical-free
– Made in New Zealand

** For Ultra-sensitive skin choose colour – Natural: It is the natural colour of the merino fleece.


Merino is far superior to traditional wool, far more comfortable to wear against the skin, lasts longer and is easier to wash and dry.

• Merino fibres breathe: and are self-cleaning. After a hard days play, all your Merino garment needs is to be hung outside to air. But if required, can be machine washed and air dried, or low heat tumble dried.

• Very Durable: Merino has an incredible stretch factor and is much stronger than traditional wool, is softer and non itchy. It also won’t pull or rip.

• Keeps its shape: this range of merino will always bounce back to its original shape. Treat it rough, wear it hard and it will keep its shape.

• Keeps you warmer and drier: Merino can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in water without feeling damp. Even in the wet, Merino works to provide warmth, drawing water away from the body. It also has a natural water repellent built into it that will keep initial water off.

• Merino keeps you cooler and safer in the sun! Because Merino breathes, and draws damp away from the body, it’s an excellent trans-season material. It also has as a natural UV protection factor of 30+.

• Loved by nature: Merino is a renewable product and 100% biodegradable.

Our organic merino does not require complicated care. Often the garment only requires a good airing outside to get rid of minor dirt spots or just smell. The merino natural self-cleansing abilities will leave it fresh.

If washing required:-

– Hand or machine wash cool water/wool cycle
– Use wool detergent. (try Ecostore Wool & Delicates Wash)
– Line dry or tumble dry on low heat (do note that over time constant tumble drying will add extra wear and tear on your merino).

Do Not:- Use bleach or detergents with whitener content
Do Not:- Soak merino product as that will destroy the wool fibres.
Do Not:- Hang the white (Natural) colour merino in direct sunlight. It will turn yellow as it hasn’t been dyed or treated by chemicals.

** Pilling: We have chosen not to cover our garments with a synthetic coating so the short fibres will naturally appear and go away – you will then be pill free.

Size Guide:
(All babies are different so this is a guide only)

0 – 3 months – (50cm – 60cm) (NZ/Aus 000)

3 – 6 months – (60cm – 68cm) (NZ/Aus 00 )

6 – 12 months – (68cm – 80cm) (NZ/Aus 0-1)

1 Year – (80cm – 86cm) (NZ/Aus 1 )

2 Year – (86cm – 92cm) (NZ/Aus 2 )

3 Year – (92cm – 98cm) (NZ/Aus 3 )