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In recent years, many parents have been making the conscious decision to introduce as many natural products into their children’s lives as possible. Knowing that we can all be vulnerable to chemicals, it makes sense to not only make informed choices about food but about clothing, blankets, and home additions, as well.

With that in mind, there has been a significant push towards natural fibres, such as sheepskin, merino, possum merino, and wool. If you are considering making better purchasing decisions for the sake of your children’s health and wellbeing, any of these products below may be worth your consideration.

Why Natural Fibres Are A Great Choice for Children

The reasons why natural fibres like merino wool and possum merino are such excellent choices for children comes down to their natural benefits. Firstly, natural fibres breathe far better than synthetic fibres do.

Given that young children can often not communicate in words that they are feeling hot or cold, you can rest assured that they won’t feel clammy and overheated while wearing merino wool.

Wool is also an excellent insulator. Its natural crimp means it can trap pockets of air, which allows for more warmth once the wintry weather hits. Parents will also be overjoyed by the prospect that it resists stains and repels water, allowing for easier washing and care.

Finally, natural fibres make an excellent choice for children because they respect sensitive skin. The gentler materials are on young skin, the less at risk they can be from rashes and irritation.

Best Natural Choices for Children

Knowing that natural materials and fibres are beneficial for your children is the first step to their comfort and your peace of mind. Although, it can be challenging to know what to purchase first. The following products can be must-have staples for your home and children’s wardrobes.

Winter Jackets

Winter jackets are a necessity in almost every part of the world. Even in areas that don’t see snowfall or sub-zero temperatures, it’s always worth owning a jacket for insulation and warmth.

A possum merino zip jacket can tick that box. With superfine merino, possum, and silk, it’s a comfortable and gentle garment with hard-wearing fibres that stand the test of time. It’s also odour-resistant and stretchy yet retains its shape.

Accessories – Gloves & Beanies

It can be tempting to purchase cheaper options such as synthetic, but synthetic materials don’t offer the same benefits as the likes of fine merino and possum fur fingerless gloves and beanies.

With complete breathability, softness, and lightness, they are more than suitable for active children who need something comfortable, stretchy, and durable, yet fashionable too.

Socks & Footwear

Whether you live in a cold or mild climate, possum merino socks are a must-have in any child’s sock drawer. Thanks to the stunning possum and merino fibres, they are breathable, soft against the skin, and keep even the coldest feet toasty and warm once autumn and winter hits.

It can even be worth partnering those socks with a beautiful pair of sheepskin boots. Given that sheepskin is nature’s supreme insulator, you can expect your child’s feet to feel comfortable and warm year-round. Sheepskin is also hard-wearing and durable while allowing your feet to breathe.

For Rural Children

Rural children just love to get stuck in. And when they do, you want them to have the hardiest, most durable and comfortable clothing around.

In that case, some ideal options can be Swanndri Brixton bush shirts with lightweight pure wool and wool hoodies with merino, possum, and wool natural materials. These provide exceptional insulation, not to mention breathability, stretch, and durability


Natural fibres in your children’s clothing can be one way to make sure they are always comfortable and warm. However, there are also things you can buy for your home that may also make a world of difference.

Fun sheepskin bear rugs can become a focal point in their nursery while also being soft to play on hard flooring. Young children can also feel snug and warm on sheepskin rugs for strollers and sheepskin buggy liners.

Healthy choices can be made in the bedroom, as well. Merino and possum blankets are bound to keep your baby snug and warm.

Creating Comfortable, Healthy Kids

Babies spend nine months in a warm, gentle, and nurturing environment before they are born into the world. Why not make their new environment just as nourishing by making natural clothing and homeware choices?

By learning about your options, you can discover an entirely new world of products that put the health and wellbeing of your children and the environment first.



What are the benefits of dressing children in wool clothing?

Dressing children in wool clothing offers several benefits, including natural insulation, breathability, and softness against the skin.

Can wool clothing help regulate body temperature in children?

Yes, wool clothing can help regulate body temperature in children by effectively trapping air to keep them warm in cold weather and allowing moisture to escape to keep them cool in warmer conditions.