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There is a shifting pattern among parents welcoming new bundles of joy into the world. Instead of purchasing mostly synthetic garments and sleepwear for their children, they are opting for natural alternatives.

From their durability and longevity to their softness and health benefits, it’s hard to deny the upper hand that natural products like merino wool and possum-merino blends have. So, when the time comes to start shopping for that new addition in your life, consider whether natural baby products might be right for you.

Merino Baby Sleeping Bags & Swaddles

Both swaddles and baby sleeping bags are now available with natural materials that parents adore. Natural sleeping bags often feature fine merino wool inners that feel soft against a baby’s delicate, new, and sensitive skin. Merino wool can also absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in moisture while still being able to keep your baby warm, dry, and cosy.

The outer layer of a sleeping bag is often equally as soft and soothing, with organic cotton that uses fewer resources during the manufacturing process than other materials. Merino sleeping bags tend to be suitable for year-round use in temperatures of between 16-20 degrees-Celsius.

Swaddles have long-been preferred by parents for their versatility. You can use them in a car seat, stroller, crib, and even as a cover while breastfeeding. Swaddles featuring merino wool are stretchy, odour-resistant, breathable, and temperature-regulating.

Parents are also bound to appreciate how easy-care they are. Simply pop them in your washing machine with liquid wool detergent on a cool water wool cycle, then hang them flat to dry.

Merino and Possum-Merino Blankets

With the abundance of polar fleece blankets and sleepwear on the market, you might think they would be the first choice for babies. However, experts warn against the use of synthetic materials for bedding and sleepwear and instead recommend breathable natural fabrics.

Merino and possum-merino blankets promote all manner of benefits for babies – and even adults. They are breathable, moisture-wicking, and soft. The small micron diameter of merino wool also makes it a desirable option for bedding and clothing alike, especially for sensitive skin.

Merino blankets are lightweight, durable after years of use, and non-flammable. Parents are also bound to appreciate the eco-friendliness of these natural materials, as well. Rather than spending a lifetime in a landfill, they are biodegradable once they have served their purpose with your family.

Blankets and other garments with possum-merino blends tend to offer more warmth than pure merino and many other materials. In fact, because the possum fibres trap air, users can experience around 30 percent more heat than a 100% wool product.

Merino Sleep Gowns & Clothing

A warm, comfortable, and dry baby is a happy baby. Because we can’t ask them what they need, it becomes important to provide them with the best clothing and sleep gowns to make sure we offer what they need regardless. In most cases, merino answers that call.

Merino sleep gowns can regulate your baby’s body temperature so they don’t overheat or wake up cold. Given merino wool’s regulating properties, merino garments and sleepwear are also an ideal option year-round.

Your baby then gets to benefit from non-irritating, lightweight materials that feel soft against new, sensitive skin. What’s more, there are a variety of options on the market, such as pants, booties, mittens, and cardigans.

Sheepskin Products

While merino and possum-merino blends are wonderful wardrobe additions for young children and babies, sheepskin products also have their place. A sheepskin rug acts as a natural form of cushioning while also being suitable for floors, buggies, and more.

Sheepskin rugs from reputable New Zealand manufacturers are bacteria and dirt-deterring, eco-friendly, and easy-care. You can even buy fun sheepskin rugs for the nursery, which can be far more comfortable for young children to play on than cold, hardwood and tile floors.

Many parents also love purchasing sheepskin for buggies due to their many natural benefits. They can prevent pressure points and rashes, promote comfort, and circulate air around your baby’s body to prevent them from overheating. The versatility of sheepskin rugs and related products know no bounds.

Is it Time to Go Natural?

Whether you’re getting ready for your own bundle of joy or you’re after the perfect gift for expectant parents, you can’t go wrong with NZ natural wool products. Not only are there plenty of products to choose from, but they are gentle, long-lasting, and hard-wearing for children now and into the future.

From booties and blankets to sleeping bags and sheepskin rugs, the options are endless. Why not check out natural baby products online and see what catches your eye?



Why are sheepskin products recommended for babies and young children?

Sheepskin products are recommended for babies and young children because they act as a natural form of cushioning, prevent pressure points and rashes, promote comfort, and circulate air around the baby’s body to prevent overheating.

How are sheepskin rugs beneficial for buggies or strollers?

Sheepskin rugs are beneficial for buggies or strollers as they provide a comfortable surface for the child to sit or lie on, prevent discomfort from bumpy rides, and offer insulation against cold and hard surfaces.