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As soon as the mercury plummets and we stow away our swimsuits, it can sometimes feel like we have to hibernate inside for the next three months or so. While it’s true that the weather conditions typically aren’t desirable for swimming and watersports, they can be perfect for outdoor winter adventures like skiing, sledding, hiking, and even snowman-building.

However, staying warm, dry, and comfortable while braving the elements can seem like an impossible undertaking. Fortunately, it won’t be if you have some of the following winter essentials.

Possum Merino Socks

Once you’ve purchased your winter boots, it’s now time to buy socks to give your feet the comfort and warmth they deserve. Many outdoor adventurers love possum merino socks, which typically feature a combination of possum, merino, and silk materials. These socks are breathable, soft, and very warm. They are also naturally odour resistant, so they can be worn a number of times without requiring washing. Some possum merino socks even have a cushioning pile for heel protection, perfect for wearing them with your favourite tramping boots.

While you’re browsing the expansive range of socks, why not pair them with possum merino leg warmers? They can pick up where your socks left off, providing additional cosy warmth while you explore the great outdoors.

Possum Merino Gloves

No one likes having cold hands. They feel numb and uncomfortable, which can be distracting while you’re trying to have fun outdoors. Purchasing possum merino gloves and mittens will help to keep your hands snug and warm.

If you need complete control of your fine motor skills, you might even opt for fingerless gloves, which offer the same comfort and warmth while letting you grip and hold items easier.

Possum merino gloves and mittens are an excellent form of insulation while also being strong, durable, soft against your skin, and suitable for all ages.

Possum Merino Beanies

Keep your head warm when the temperatures cool down with a possum merino beanie. Whether you’re going on a family hike or hitting the ski slopes, you’re bound to enjoy the insulating warmth, softness, and breathability of gorgeous possum merino beanies.

As they feature a combination of merino wool, possum, and silk, you can also enjoy itch-free comfort for sensitive skin. There is a wide range of colours and style options for the whole family.

Possum Merino Scarves

You can avoid the common problem of having the wind whipping around your ears by wearing a possum merino beanie, but many people find themselves cold and uncomfortable when they feel a bitterly cold breeze around their necks. Invest in a possum merino scarf, and you can feel warm from top to bottom.

Possum merino scarves are suitable for men and women and work seamlessly with many formal or casual outfits. You can wear them shopping, on outdoor adventures, or even around your backyard.

However, if you’d prefer to wear something you don’t have to tie around your neck, you might consider a possum merino neck warmer.

Not only are they easy to wear, naturally insulating, and soft against your skin, but they are compact and small to fit in backpacks or handbags when you’re out and about.

Thermal Underwear

Layering up can be an essential part of getting ready to venture out into the wilderness. The more layers you wear, the warmer you can be, and the easier it is to adjust your temperature as your activity levels rise and fall.

Thermal underwear can be an excellent base layer. There is a range of options to choose from, such as merino thermal leggings, merino camisoles, and merino long and short-sleeve crews, and they are suitable for sensitive skin.

Many of the best thermal underwear options on the market are also 100% merino, lightweight, biodegradable, and sustainable. Outdoor adventurers love how quickly they dry, their temperature-regulating properties, and odour resistance. As a result, you can wear them a number of times before needing to wash them.

If you haven’t yet purchased thermal underwear for your next wilderness trip, now might be the right time to explore your options.

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What are the benefits of thermal underwear for outdoor activities?

Thermal underwear provides an excellent base layer that regulates body temperature, wicks away moisture, and provides insulation for outdoor activities in cold weather.

What makes possum merino a strong, durable, and comfortable option for outdoor winter activities?

Possum Merino is a strong, durable, and comfortable option for outdoor winter activities due to its natural warmth, softness, breathability, odour resistance, and ability to insulate even when wet.