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Baby, it’s cold outside. Tempted to spend your days hiding under a blanket? Finding the right clothes that allow you to look stylish and keep warm is key – you want to look like Cameron Diaz in the movie The Holiday, not like the Michelin Man. That’s why merino and merino blends, knitted jumpers and knit cardigans make a great choice. Here’s our guide to surviving winter in style.

Why dress for winter?

Dressing for winter temperatures is something of an art. If you don’t wear enough, you’ll feel cold and miserable. However, wear too much of the wrong material, and you will look bulky and overheat. If you’ve ever stepped foot in a department store in winter, wearing multiple layers of thick synthetic jumpers, a couple of cardigans and a coat, you’ll know how a snowman feels when he starts to melt. Choose wisely.

First step – underwear

Layering is key to surviving winter, but that doesn’t have to mean thick and bulky layers. Instead, choose layers made of natural materials such as Merino or a Possum Merino blend. Merino is an ideal wool as it is insulating yet breathable. Remember, even though the garments may be thin the wool is warm enough for sheep to survive New Zealand’s harsh Southern Alps climate.

The first step with proper layering is to use thermal underwear. Merino wool thermal underwear keeps you warm in the winter (and cool in the summer) and has a significant benefit in that it is breathable.

In winter time, start your layering with a plain, long-sleeved thermal top, they are superfine and light and will fit neatly underneath your clothes. Available in black or white, they will not show through your clothes. Moreover, despite what people often think, merino, when it’s superfine like ours, is not itchy against the skin. Instead, it is super soft and luxuriously warm.

Top layers

Once you’ve put on your thermal underwear, you can then choose your top layer. That’s when you can look to women’s knitwear, a knit jumper or knitted cardigan, a blouse or long-sleeved T-shirt. A knitted jumper like our Possum Merino Crew Neck is a perfect choice to go with skirts and pants. It also looks great worn with jeans. A cowl neck knitted jumper looks great teamed with jeans or casual trousers. Both will keep you wonderfully warm while being light and soft.

In extreme conditions, you might like to add another outer layer. Ideally, this should be something that can be removed easily such as a knit cardigan. Longline cardigans have the added benefit of keeping your legs warm. Alternatively, you could try a wrap or cape. Our Possum Merino Beachcomber Wrap looks great with pants or skirts, and oozes sophistication. Our Possum Cape with detachable Hood has the bonus of keeping your head warm too. It comes in either a plain or tartan colourways (a nod to this season’s catwalk) and is a great outer layer alternative to a jacket or coat.

Added extras

Once you’ve layered up your body, it’s time to top of your look with accessories for the extremities. Beanies and hats help to complete a look. Berets never go out of fashion, so our Merino Possum Beret is a great investment piece. You could accessorise the beret with a scarf and gloves. Speaking of gloves, why opt for one pair when you can have three? Our 3-way gloves work as a plain glove, a wrist warmer and worn together for double protection.

Get a grip

Of course, winter survival also means being able to stay upright whether you’re walking on slippery pavements or trudging through muddy puddles. Opt for a pair of sheepskin boots that are stylish yet have a thick tread that helps to grip. Boots that have a fleece lining add an extra layer of warmth. Embrace the winter look and feel by teaming them with slim-fitting trousers and a cape or shawl.


One real fashion investment is a coat. Keep an eye on current trends to see what styles are ‘in’ but don’t be swayed to buy something that will quickly date. When it comes to coats the classic tie style (as favoured by Meghan Markle) and military long line coats will stand the test of time. Make sure to dry clean and hang on wooden hangers during the warmer months to retain texture and shape.


It’s not only daytime that you’ll need to keep warm. As soon as you get home, get your feet and toes warm and snuggly in slipper socks or plush sheepskin slippers. When it comes to bed opt for snuggly Pyjamas that won’t ride up as you wriggle into bed ready for a good nights sleep!

Here’s to a cosy, warm and stylish Winter!

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