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Throughout the world, people are starting to realise just how important it is to improve their environmental footprint. While there are many changes you can make to benefit the environment, one of the most valuable ones can involve the clothing you purchase.

Clothing made with natural fibres such as merino wool can be a far better choice than manufactured materials like polyester. Not only are they compostable once they’ve reached the end of their useful life, but their durability also allows for many years of wear.

However, one of the hardest parts about making the transition is knowing what to buy for each occasion. Our helpful guide may shed light on some ideal purchases to make.

Natural and Casual Clothing

When you start shopping for new, environmentally-friendly clothing, you may be surprised by just how many wardrobe staples featuring merino and possum merino there are to choose from.

Beautiful jackets in possum merino and merino can suit your everyday needs, and you’re also not short of sweater options in the same natural materials with crew sweaters and V-neck sweaters.

Anytime you leave the house for shopping, social visits with friends, and running general errands, you can also wear merino and possum merino shawls, vests, cardigans, and more. Men and women are both well-catered for.

Dressing for Winter

Remaining warm in winter can be challenging, especially if you wish to purchase natural fabrics. The choices in large retail stores can be limited. However, you’re certainly not short of options when you shop with leading natural clothing businesses like Ecowool.

Whether you’re keeping warm at home or you’re trying to layer up for venturing outside, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of natural options to see you through the cold winter months.

Sheepskin slippers, also known as shearling slippers, can keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable when you prefer to spend your days at home.  You can also wear merino lounge pants or possum merino clothing like sweaters, cardigans, and shawls.

However, remaining warm when out in the elements may rely on additional layers such as thermal underwear, possum merino jackets, sheepskin boots and accessories like merino socks, gloves, scarves and beanies.

Natural Clothing for Outdoor Work

When you work outside year-round, winter can sometimes be your least favourite time of the year. It’s when you may struggle to regulate your body temperature and feel uncomfortable more often than not.

Natural clothing can go a long way toward alleviating some of that discomfort. Merino thermal underwear is breathable and soft against sensitive skin while also being one of several layers to provide the necessary warmth.

You can also pair your merino thermal underwear with woollen hats and beanies, woollen gloves, and wool and possum socks. When clothing is manufactured with natural fibres, you can benefit from moisture-wicking properties, warmth, temperature regulation, and even odour management.

For those extra chilly mornings and evenings, complete your look with Swanndri bush shirts, zip-neck jerseys, vests, hoodies, and crewneck sweaters. Swanndri uses only the finest New Zealand wool to produce a robust, hard-wearing fabric.

Outdoor Wear for Adventures

Finding natural outdoor wear for adventures can be challenging. Prioritise your comfort with possum merino socks that are soft, non-irritating, and made to minimise odour. You might also like to purchase thermal underwear like singlets, t-shirts, and leggings, all made with only the best fine-spun merino wool for your comfort.

When the temperatures plummet, don’t forget to pack a wool neck warmer, wool beanie, and gloves. With temperature-regulating properties, warmth retention, and stunning natural materials for sensitive skin, they can be the perfect combination to wear on your next outdoor trip.

How to Layer Your Natural Garments

Now that you know some of the best natural clothing to purchase for working outdoors and lounging around home, you may be curious about how to layer them for the best effect. During the cooler months of the year, three layers can be an excellent starting point.

Your first layer, such as merino wool, can transport moisture and air from your skin when the weather is warm but trap the warm air when it’s cold. Always aim for snug-fitting garments that retain heat and stretch for comfort.

Merino wool can also be an excellent second layer, simultaneously providing breathability and extra insulation. The final layer can be something comfortable, breathable, and warm, such as merino Possumsilk.

Transform Your Wardrobe, Help the Planet

Everybody has the ability to make small changes to reduce their environmental impact. Why not start with what you wear? Natural fibres like merino and merino possum can be suitable for nearly any occasion, so now might be the right to explore your options and treat yourself to a brand new, eco-friendly wardrobe.


Why should I choose clothing made with natural fibres?

Choosing clothing made with natural fibres is beneficial because they are typically more breathable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly than synthetic materials.

Are natural clothing options durable and long-lasting?

Yes, natural clothing options like merino wool and possum merino are known for their durability and longevity, allowing for many years of wear.