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A must-have for any wardrobe, a knitted wool poncho for women is one of the most versatile items of clothing you can own. Here are our six favourite ways to style a knitted poncho and wool wrap that will keep your look fresh and fashion-forward.

Wear your poncho …

1. …over a sweater or long-sleeved top

A knitted poncho comes into its own when you’re looking for something quick and easy to put over the top of what you’re already wearing. The bonus of a wool wrap or poncho is the draping elevates your look.

Instantly transforming jeans or casual pants, a poncho can be put on at the last moment and often provides enough warmth for cooler temperatures, making it perfect for drinking a coffee outside a café on a sunny winter’s day or, taking a walk around town.

Ecowool’s Possum Merino Ombre Poncho offers mid-weight warmth, making it ideal for autumn through to spring and the ombre effect also has the added benefit of complementing your pants and accessories.

2. …over a collared shirt

Ponchos are perfect if you love a crisp, collared shirt. Rather than covering the shirt, make a style statement by folding the collar over the top of the Wool Poncho to create a chic office look.

Wearing a wool poncho is a great, lightweight instant fix, particularly if you’re wearing a thin shirt and you are heading outside.

Our Curve Cable poncho is a playful twist of cable patterns and looks great with a shirt worn underneath or for more simple styling choose the Possum Merino Moss Stitch Poncho.

3. …with slim fit jeans and figure hugging pants

A poncho is fantastic for creating visual balance. The loose fit style of the poncho adds a cover-up when desired, and also helps to flatter the legs by creating an inverted triangle that draws the eyes downwards. This is especially the case if you choose dark-coloured pants and looks fabulous teamed with boots. .

For a smart dressy look wear a wool poncho with leather or PU pants, also looks great with boyfriend jeans on more casual days.

The Possum Merino Two Way poncho is a great choice.

4. …add a pop of colour

Wool Ponchos and Wool Wraps are an easy way to add a pop of colour to a plain outfit. Spice up a monochromatic outfit in a blink by adding a coloured wrap or poncho in a rich pink, cool lagoon or vibrant red.

The Possum Merino NorthCape and Moss Stitch Wrap come in a range of colours that will instantly lift your outfit.

5. …a belt

Looking for a new way to wear your poncho? Add a belt around your middle to create new and exciting shapes. Choose a thin or wide belt depending on your figure type, to highlight your waist creating a hourglass shape. A fashionable take on this is to thread the belt around your waist (leaving the poncho to drape over the belt at the back) and fasten the belt only over the front of the poncho. This belted poncho look is elegant and fresh.

Styling tip : Wear the poncho slightly on an angle so the point of the rectangle falls down to the side to create a bias line across your body rather than down the middle.

Ecowool’s Moss Stitch Poncho looks fantastic with a leather belt, teamed with matching leather boots.

6. …with eye-catching accessories

Want to jazz up a poncho? Try wearing a scarf or adding a necklace over the top of a wool poncho for added interest.

A brooch is also a useful way to keep a wrap or shawl in place.

Our Possum Merino Lacy Shawl in black looks exquisite when worn with a contrasting silver or gold brooch and our Possum Merino Lace Chevron Poncho look stunning with a necklace or pearls.


Add a poncho to your wardrobe and enjoy it all year round.